River Studios Charity

The mission is simple, to provide a creative outlet for adults and children who dont have it. 

Many of our regular artists have found solace in their music, whether that be mental health, financial worries or just everyday life. 


We aim for a world where people suffering is no longer ignored. After working with hundreds of artists the management team at River have a vision to give people a creative outlet no matter the circumstances with no judgement.

How did this come to our attention?

The team take a great interest in artist development. This leads us to understand personal challenges and the obstacles they face and how music and creative arts have helped them excel and develop. After seeing so many artists flourish due to having a creative outlet we knew we had to do more.

River Studios charity providing a musical outlet to those who need it most. 


32 Winsor Rd, Totton, Southampton SO40 9HQ


we will inform you about the important things of our donations and events