Social Skills Now

Meet your Social Coach

Hi! My name is Karin and for the past 30 years, I’ve worked as a registered mental health nurse in community settings.  During that time I have supported people with a range of conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, personality disorders, bipolar disorders, psychosis and substance misuse. 

I have worked with young people aged 14 to 35 in an Early Intervention Service. This was for those who were experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, their first episode of psychosis. 

More often I am coming into contact with adults with a diagnosis of ASD/ADHD alongside other diagnoses. Or adults that have symptoms but no diagnosis. Or adults caring for children with ASD/ADHD. In my opinion, there are scant resources for social skills training.  And yet this is so important. Appropriate social skills help us to connect with others and maintain relationships.

I’m also a Mum of two and I’ve navigated through the teen years!

 My sister, Vivian, and her daughter both have ADHD and we believe other members of our family struggled with it but were never diagnosed. After studying ‘Understanding ADHD: Current Research and Practice’, I became more interested in this field and decided to take the PEERS course. This is because it is evidence-based and involves learning skills and practising them in everyday situations.  I am now a PEERS Certified Provider.

Vivian has studied and researched ADHD for years and has developed a website; It has loads of information and online resources so, even though she’s in Australia, they can be easily accessed wherever you are.

I want to help my teen improve socially?

To help your teen/young adult improve their social confidence and go on to create and maintain more meaningful connections email me at and I will respond to book an appointment for an informal confidential 30-minute phone call.