Peers Programme

Evidence-based training in social skills for teenagers with ADHD, ASD or other social challenges. Peers Programme is an EHCP funded programme which could cover all costs. 

What Is Peers?

PEERS® is a 14-week online programme for teenagers who experience social challenges and are interested in learning new ways of making and keeping friends.

How Does Peers Work?

The PEERS® programme is an internationally acclaimed, evidence-based social skills group programme for adolescents and young adults with social challenges.

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The Peers Programme

Originally developed by Dr Elizabeth Laugeson at the University of California (UCLA) PEERS®, the programme has a strong evidence-base for use with adolescents and young adults with Aspergers/ASD, but is also highly appropriate for those with ADHD, or indeed anyone experiencing social challenges.

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Is PEERS right for my teen?

Teens must be between 13-17 for the duration of the course.


Does your teen struggle in social situations are they nervous or withdrawn or do they appear to be overcompensating in social situations?


To get the most out of Peers you and your teen have to have the time to commit to the programme ensuring that you attend every session in the course.


Peers is a voluntary programme and we want everyone that participates to truly want to be there. The course's success is dependent on the amount of work your teen puts into it.


A parent or guardian must be willing to participate and support the course participation as their real-world social coach. We will provide you with the support to succeed in this role.

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Book an appointment for an informal confidential 30-minute phone call. I will complete a brief questionnaire with you to assess your suitability for the program and to answer any questions you may have.

I want to help my teen improve socially?

To help your teen/young adult improve their social confidence and go on to create and maintain more meaningful connections email me at and I will respond to book an appointment for an informal confidential 30-minute phone call.

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