Extension and alteration to Victorian Coach House, Compton, Winchester, Hampshire

A lesson in ‘no job is too small’.  We originally attended site to advise on a leak that was resulting in swelling of a timber door. We were then engaged to undertake a feasibility study to investigate altering and updating the property.  This lead to a project to extend, alter the internal layout, update all services and construct a garage block.

The house had previously been converted and extended by a developer in the 1990’s when a new property was constructed on adjacent land. The arrangement of rooms was linear, there was no central living space and windows and doors were of poor quality making the house cold and draughty.

Our project converted the existing garage to utility space, linked back to the main house by an extension to form a new and enhanced entrance to the house. The property is close to a main road and this extension also provides an acoustic barrier reducing noise within the house. The existing kitchen was extended towards the garden and a living and dining area created. This new space was linked to the formal and family living areas to integrate the plan. The family bathroom was enlarged, the ‘developer’ windows and doors replaced and the heating, hot water and electrical installation updated. There is provision to add solar thermal later.

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