Alterations to a traditionally designed modern townhouse, Twyford

Our client had been living in rented accommodation for some time after moving to the area. They had nearly bought a property were had previously converted so when they ultimately wanted to carry out alterations to their new home they approached us. They liked the house for it’s general style, position, available views and amount of accommodation, however the internal layout of the house was very linear, the central hall and stair making the rooms either side rather long and thin.


The main objective was to create a family living and kitchen area opening on to the garden but options were considered for the linear nature of the plan. Ultimately repositioning the staircase proved to be the solution to the problem as all rooms could now be redesigned in more appropriate forms. The rear extension is designed to make the best of the available views across the Itchen valley and provides the open plan living space required while utilities and a separate study/playroom are also provided. In the original plan the family bathroom was positioned on the top floor. A shared bathroom is now provided on each upper floor, two bedrooms on each. The works to the house were extensive and included new heating, hot water and electrical systems.

Contract value £160 000 excl. kitchen and landscaping. Fixed price contract.

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